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A Leading Manufacturer of Charred Timber Cladding in Australia

At Eco Timber Group, we specialize in offering long-lasting and unique charred wood cladding solutions, which are created to suit a range of applications. We create a range of beautiful burnt timber cladding and yakisugi charred cladding, which will add a unique point of difference to your projects. Choose from our wide selection of charred timber products to create impressive interior and exterior features.

Eco Timber Group has refined the process of charring to enhance the durability and longevity of our sustainable timber. Our exclusive selection of charred timber in Melbourne can increase the appeal of your space with a rich finish. The unparalleled texture of our burnt wood cladding results from our intense and detailed manufacturing process. Having perfected the art of charring wood, we are your first choice for an extraordinary range of charred timber cladding. Create aesthetically appealing features of unmatched structural durability with Eco Timber Group’s charred timber products.

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