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Maintenance Free Cladding

Are you looking for a durable and maintenance-free cladding solution that enhances the appeal of your home? Cladding your home with charred timber offers a great way of transforming the look of your home with an authentic appeal. Charred timber requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to fire, rot, insect and the UV effects of the sun. With its unmatched durability, unique surface finish and high-performance, charred timber is a preferred choice.

All charred timber is not created equal and for an outstanding finish, you need to choose one that is expertly crafted. If you are eager to add a touch of quality and sophistication to your next project, we have the range for you. At Eco Timber Group, we are home to products renowned for their beauty and superior performance. Our selection of charred dressed timber offers endless aesthetically pleasing opportunities to achieve the most refined effect. Having perfected the art of charring wood, we are your charred timber specialists.

If you wish to know more, feel free to get in touch with us. We can assist you in choosing the perfect charred finish that elevates the look of your home.

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