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Importance of Charred Timber

Increasing popularity in both the specification and use of Shousugiban, Yakisugi or the more commonly known reference “Charred Timber” products we are seeing in today’s Australian Architectural home and commercial design… it any wonder that a string of complimentary products would soon follow, to better aid the finish and its performance?

A technique that derives from ancient Japanese methods of charring the outer face of timber, offering greater benefits and increasing the serviceability of the timber, with a low maintenance appeal and a new creative texture or finish, for both internal and external applications.

A new product initiative by ECO TIMBER GROUP has now contributed into this mix. A suited fixing detail and one that tackles the most simplistic issues when installing external charred timber cladding and other charred elements, is our Blackheadz screws.

ECO TIMBER GROUP produces one of the most popular charred timber products, coupling old traditional methods with today’s toughest Australian, sustainable, class 1 durable timbers such as; Ironbark, Blackbutt and Sugar Gum.

It is through using these species and then applying the charring process that Blackheadz were created. When using or installing any hardwood timber product with a higher janka rating (hardness rating of the timber) the requirement to apply these timbers see’s the need to pre-drill a pilot hole prior to fixing with an adequate screw to avoid splitting the timber, particularly along the tongue line. This naturally doubles the labour time when we are talking about installing cladding products.

Using a common stainless-steel fixing on Charred timber cladding or corner stops can also be quite unsightly as it contrasts the dark look of the charred finish and more often then not, after installation, the builder will paint the exposed heads to conceal the visual of the now exposed detail. Adding to the bottom line. Even with secret fixed cladding profiles, if the timber contracts (which is typical in warmer months) particularly on a north or west face wall you can sometimes read the edge of the stainless-steel fixing which is also unsightly.

Blackheadz, solves both theses challenges with a unique spear tip self-drilling point that creates a pilot hole and fix in one, without splitting the fibre of your timber, along with its signature black head to conceal or blend into the charred surface. Blackheadz are made using high grade stainless steel which also means it is suited in all applications, including coastal areas, where quality fixings need to be considered to avoid corrosion or “rusting out” for long term hold and durability.

This labour reducing neat little screw is also a 10 gauge mechanical fixing pin, ideal for maximum purchase into your timber, this also includes a small concealable black head.

If you are considering Charred Timber, ShouSugiBan or Yakisugi products in your design, then consider BLACKHEADZ charred fixing detail by ECO TIMBER GROUP.

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